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Welcome to Invisible Sun - Table Topics edition

TM and © 2021 Monte Cook Games, LLC Invisible Sun   is a completely unique RPG by   Monte Cook Games . The game is designed from the ground up to be not only sandbox-style but to encourage collaborative world-building.  The world is surreal, has ubiquitous magic, all players can use magic in their own way and mysteries hide in every corner. Session Zero  for the game involves collaboratively creating neighborhoods, potential plot hooks, and goals for each person playing in the game. The first part of this process, the creation of each player’s neighborhood, is done by brainstorming ideas for neighbors, points of interest, and problems for the neighborhood; the person whose neighborhood it is picks off the list of ideas, and so creates their own neighborhood. On June 3, 2022, the Dungeons & Toast Toastmasters club did a Table Topics to recreate this process for a single neighborhood, with each speaker identifying one element. Instead of a single phrase, though, the speakers spent 1