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RPGaDay 2015 - What is your Favorite RPG Accessory

  Retro-post: This was originally posted on GPlus in 2015 Dice. It's a one word answer, but honestly if you are a gamer, I don't know what other answer there can be. First, they are beautiful. They have evolved so much over the years: colors and shapes and sizes and etchings. Buying a set of steampunk dice by  + Q-workshop   in the manilla color is on my bucket list. Plus the always-amazing dice by Crystal Caste and Chessex, of which I have way too many just because I love the new designs. But there is also the stories that go with them. I don't care how much of a "role" player you are. Roll max damage on a critical hit to one-shot the end boss and you're crowing about it for years afterwards. By the same token, if you botch enough in a given convention event or game night, you bitch about not just that, but the fact that you  always  roll badly at cons. The story you were playing is's the exceptionally good or bad rolling that takes the he