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World Building Tools - World Anvil 1

Those who read this blog know that I spend a lot of time thinking about my game world, Trinity , and how to make it both a robust and playable environment. I've decided to do some articles about the tools I use to manage this content, and what they bring to the table. These will not exactly be product reviews or comparisons, and they certainly are not exactly endorsements. Though I will say that if I'm writing about them, I find them good enough to be useful to me, and if my reasons for liking them are relatable, they may be useful to you, too. Today's essay is about World Anvil , which is an online webapp for world building. It is free to use at its most basic levels, with purchasable subscription tiers above that. The tier that I am currently at is the "Master" tier, which is around $50/year, and seems right for what I am doing. This initial article may have a follow-on at some point in the future, as I learn more. At this point, I'm definitely a novice, so