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Review: "Help Wanted" Adventure Module

  This is a longer format review of an innovative RPG adventure product, Help Wanted , from I Write Adventures .  First off, the understated description on the cover really says it all: Unobtrusive Adventure Template Creative GM's Taking those one at at time:  "Unobtrusive" means that the scenario does not attempt to tie you to a specific setting or even RPG system, nor does it attempt to impose anything on your world other than what you choose to include. To me, this makes it an incredibly innovative product. I've seen a lot of "can use it anywhere" and "system independent" products, but they usually require work to make them fit. That brings me to the second word "Adventure Template" which is exactly what it is. It presents a basic scenario and a couple of maps, but leaves it to you, as the GM, to provide the details for what's going on, what the encounter means in the greater scope of things, how difficult it is, etc. But it does s