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Ecology of the Weregoose

In a recent Twitter RPG discussion, a friend revealed that a weregoose was the main villain in a small rural town. I quipped that at least it wasn't a wereswan, and got an immediate response that a weregoose would have a wereswan for breakfast. After thinking about it, and discussing it with my daughter I realized that the commenter was right. In this article, I consider the characteristics of a weregoose, and why they would be truly terrifying foes. Natural Basis To fully understand a weregoose, and understand how its characteristics are enhanced in lycanthropic form, one must first consider the basic animal form. First of all, they are large birds. They are up to 3.5 feet long with a wingspan that can stretch over six feet. They weigh up to 14 pounds, and are sufficiently strong to break bones.  They are also very territorial, especially around mating season, so somebody wandering too close to a nest or a gosling may find themselves on the wrathful end of a goose attack. But thei