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The Planebreaker

  As a GM, I love alternate planes and have used them for some of my most successful stories. To me, they represent an opportunity to throw out the normal rules, to define a custom reality, and to introduce story elements that are completely alien to the characters. I do this in two ways: I take elements from another plane, and I have them intrude onto the material plane in ways that the players can see and interact with. This could be inhabitants of other worlds wandering into the character's realm with goals, searching or exploring, or even just lost. It could be natural elements that don't exist making their way through, such as a massive, but isolated rainstorm that occupies a 100' radius around a strange key. Or it could be something that is supposed to be bound to a plane that escapes into the character's path. Alternately, I send the characters to another plane and have them deal with whatever they find there. This can involve figuring out the rules of a plane to