Welcome To Dice Deliberations

My name is Greg and I've been playing Role Playing Games for 40 years, and enjoy sharing and hearing the stories that arise from the game table.

This site was originally created to serve as a posting location for Autocratik's #RPGaDAY blog entries, but I have several other projects that may make their way onto the site. Plus, random events from my games and/or reports from events I attend will likely make their way onto the site.

So why the title? My favorite essay is one on the significance of dice, plus I have the normal absurd collection of random, specialized and set dice. To me, dice are the centerpiece of any gaming table and are a synecdoche for RPGs in general. Also, I love discussing and debating games, systems, rules, companies, art, playing styles and everything else associated with the collaborative storytelling art that is gaming.

I invite you to read, enjoy and comment. I run an open and safe game table and hope that everybody has a great time while they're here.


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